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Amtico is the world’s leading supplier of quality vinyl floors and is a great choice for style-aware consumers.

Exeter Carpet Company Ltd are delighted to be the leading supplier of Amtico in Exeter and surrounding areas. We are an Amtico One Exclusive Retail Partner offering  the widest choice of Amtico flooring, plus a full design and room visualisation service.

Exeter Carpet Company Ltd has gained a great reputation in the Exeter area for offering flooring of all types to both residential and commercial customers alike.

Your home should be unique to you, reflecting your personality and taste. Its because every home and space within is different, that Amtico Flooring, with help from Exeter Carpet Company, will bring you inspiration and ideas to show off your individual style. With the design lead Amtico Signature collection, you can mix and match the product types and colour palettes as well as choose laying patterns to give you individual choice and endless possibilities. Our highly trained and experienced Staff are on hand to guide you and help inspire your new flooring choice.