A Flooring product that has a very long heritage, being originally manufactured back in 1863,here at Exeter Carpet Company we have been supplying and installing Marmoleum products since we started in the Flooring trade, many years ago. It is a Natural product which has a beauty, only those who choose and live with it, can understand.

A few aspects of Marmoleum include:

  • 97% natural raw materials, 72% rapidly renewable and a 43% recycled content
  • There are no phalates, plasticisers or mineral oil in Marmoleum
  • Marmoleum is biodegradable and burning it delivers a higher calorific value and thermal energy that outweighs the energy used in production giving a full life cycle circle
  • Installation offcuts and production waste is recycled back into our product ensuring optimal raw material utilisation


  • Colour palette of over 300 choices across a variety of marbled, patterned, solid and linear design effects
  • Marmoleum modular tile collection for bespoke design and unrivalled creativity.